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Our Compliance Services consist in assisting your Organization in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks associated to doing business in Brazil. We focus on improving confidence on the Organisation´s business relationships as her good standing will be regularly monitored by us.
We will help the Organization to conform to standards, regulations and laws of the industry within a changing regulatory environment.
With the above goal in mind, in the process of rendering our services we will:

  • Liase with the organization management and staff on a regular basis in order to gather information to be fed into each report;
  • Meet with staff, on a regular basis so as to discuss and clarify aspects of the information gathered in the period in question;
  • Condense and synthesize the key points of all the information and documents received every month, as concisely as possible;
  • Concentrate and ensure consistency in the communication between Organization, Lawyers, Accountants and other Service Providers throughout the focal fiscal year, focusing on the targets to be met in every quarter;
  • Prepare regular Executive Compliance Report (ECR);
  • Remotely meet with Organization´s staff and management for discussion, review and approval of the ECR;
  • Share ECR with CLIENT, and
  • Meet with CLIENT´s high management in order to discuss the ECR and define compliance targets for the next quarter.

In the course of our risk-management exercise, we will carry out monthly compliance checks in the areas covered by the ECR.
Whenever a risk is identified we will promptly report it to Organization, liase with the head of the relevant department in the Organization, whenever necessary, so as action can be taken by the Organization´s Lawyers and Accountants so as to manage or mitigate the risk.

Of important note is that our services are not intended to constitute legal advise. CLIENT and the Organization should contact their attorneys to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter derived from our risk assessment exercises within the ambit of our Compliance Services.

Maldonado Leal


Our DPO team has knowledge regarding LGPD, both in Brazil and in the changes that occur in other countries, if the company has data stored on international soil.
We guide employees from different sectors in the correct treatment and use of information stored by the company.
Dealing with the rights of the data subject, receiving, for example, complaints regarding the use of personal data, at the same time that we establish a relationship with the ANPD (National Data Protection Authority).
As a representative of the organization for matters related to the protection of personal data, we will have as main responsibilities the management of requests from both data subjects and government authorities, in addition to monitoring the processes involving data processing in the company in order to ensure that the principles of the law are followed.