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Legal Representation (RESIDENT AGENT)

The foreign quotaholder or shareholder of a Brazilian company must be legally represented by a citizen domiciled in Brazil (individual), to allow them to receive court summons, subpoenas and/or notifications on behalf of the foreign quotaholder or shareholder.

Legal Representation must be permanent, in the sense that, while doing business in Brazil the foreign quotaholder or shareholder must maintain a Legal Representative with powers to sign on behalf of the foreign partners, solve issues related to the business, respond in a legal capacity, and receive summons on behalf of the company overseas.

As your Legal Representatives we will be responsible for all of the above. Missing critial communications – either through lack of expertise or lack of availability – can expose your company to default judments and administrative sanctions.

Our partners will represent you on a personal basis. They will be your point of contact with the Brazilian business environment and public authorities from the start of your enterprise and throughout the life of your project in Brazil.

Administration of companies and LLC's

Our Partners can undertake the office of resident directors of your subsidiary or branch in Brazil.
In close cooperation with your legal and financial advisors, we help you implement guidelines, processes and sign documentation ensuring the your Corporation or LLC has proper controls and procedures in place.

The CEO/General Manager (Administrador in Portuguese) of your company must be an individual with permanent residence. We can take on this responsibility on a non-executive level. It can be short-term in case your soon to be CEO is in the process of getting a permanent visa, or long-term in case you do not have an expat to manage your local company and wish to have a trustworthy professional to control and secure your operations in Brazil.


We have the expertise and tools to anticipate risks. We will help you demonstrate that your company follows regulations and best practices according to required legal standards. In doing so, we will help you ensure that any risk of your business is mitigated, and the risk associated with doing business with your company is mitigated too.

We will help you oversee and manage regulatory compliance issues within your business structure, adding to the enterprise compliance efforts in implementing internal controls, policies and procedures to assure compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations and third party guidelines; connecting and collaborating with legal advisors, accountants and auditors, in audits and investigations into regulatory and compliance issues; signing documents and responding to requests for information from regulatory bodies.


We provide corporations and individuals with complete support for all their immigration and visa needs.

We are ready to work with you to remove the stress from any visa or immigration process, maximising your chances of a successful outcome.

If your company needs to admit expatriates in Brazil, or if you are planning to reside or extend your stay in Brazil, our specialist advisers are here to help you and your family with our tailored immigration advice services.

We will work with you to assess your needs, goals and eligibility, and guide you through your application journey, supporting you every step of the way.


If your company sells services, it can officially based in our address in São Paulo. In addition, we can provide our clients with office working space, fully equipped meeting room and a networking area upon prior reservation.

The registered address is the official address of the incorporated company and is publicly available for anyone to view. The registered address can be different to that of your usual trading address. The Registrar of Companies and other government bodies will use your registered office address to deliver statutory letters and legal notices.


We are committed to delivering high-quality monitoring of cash management, payments and management of your company´s bank accounts.

We will do the cash flow management of your business, with the ultimate goal of managing the company´s liquidity and mitigating its operational, financial and reputational risk.